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My Men's Black Kilt w/Chrome Rivets is my second kilt. After wearing my $200 USD Stump Town Kilt (STK) for a few weeks, I sat down and compared my experience wearing the STK against my first utility kilt purchased from a reputable kilt manufacture for ~$90 USD.

STK claim that they dedicated over a year in designing their kilt, iterating over a dozen prototypes, to incorporate all of their ideas to realise their vision of an well made, durable kilt. Based on my own detailed analysis, their claim rings true.

The weight of the STK is well balanced between the front apron and the back box pleats. The tapered design of the front apron with hidden pocket results in an apron that stays well positioned under relatively high winds when compared to traditional utility kilt designs. While not so obvious from the photos on the STK website, the combination of the specific cut of the box-pleat, the extensive stitching, and the heavy fabric results in a kilt that expands out in a three dimensional (3D) way around your body... almost like an organic exoskeleton that responds to your body's movement. This is complemented by the MOLLE style webbing for the pocket system, which enables the pockets to be positioned approx. symmetrically on the wearers body, for all waist sizes... Furthermore, the pockets feel like they have been optimised for comfort for "day-to-day" use-cases (such as carrying keys, mobile phones, wallets), which is exactly how I use this kilt.

One of the most important aspects of the STK is the Adjustable Waist By 6 Inches using a snap system. The snaps avoid damaging your clothing (compared to velcro), and the 6 inch range when MOLLE-style pocket systems ensures that you can comfortably wear this kilt as your body weight modulates up and down naturally over time.

None of the above design decisions are present in the lower price-bracket $90 utility kilt.

--> The result? STK is a robust kilt that feels like an organic extension of myself. I find myself constantly frustrated at the inferior design decisions of my cheaper, more traditional, utility kilt.

--> If you can only afford one proper kilt in the near term, I highly recommend investing in a Stump Town Kilt. The STK provides exceptional value for money.

- B.
B., Country of Georgia (2018)
I have been wearing utility kilts since 2002. I started with Utilikilts and loved the early models. Then they really went off the tracks with their New Standard model so I Tried some Sport Kilts, then tried the cheap crap from Pakistan. About a year ago when I was to the point that I wasn't wearing kilts that much as my UK's were too big on me and I didn't feel comfortable as everyday wear wearing a Sport Kilt or UT (Pakistan) out in public, I tried the Utilikilt Mocker Switchback. Being a UK wearer, I was so disappointed in this kilt. I liked that it was adjustable, but I just hated the four piece “vertical blinds” apron! Gone were all the front apron hidden pleats and they cut the front into 4 pieces! Besides, my girlfriend did not like the look of it at all… I was so discouraged as I did not know who to go to but I knew I needed a new kilt maker. Then I came across a You Tube video of a guy doing a review of STK. I was way impressed as Matt showed in detail how wonderfully these things were made as he gave a great review and thumbs up on STK. I immediately went to the website and looked around and decided to try one. That was 9 months ago and now, I have 6 STK's!! Everything about these kilts were designed to be totally functional and they look great (girlfriend, now my fiancé, approved!). All I wear now are my STK’s. They are worth every penny and working with Jonny and the gang has been just great!
David, Denver, CO
Stumbled across the Stumptown crew at the Portland Brewer's Festival last year. I've been a kilt wearer for close to a decade and at the time I owned a kilt from another PNW manufacturer. The thing that stuck out to me and helped me decide to purchase a kilt from Stumptown were the adjustable closure snaps that allow room for you to gain or lose weight and the ability to hang as many pockets as you like(sold seperately) wherever you'd like around your waist.

I loved my other kilt, but after losing some weight it no longer fit properly and didn't feel right when I cinched my belt up. Of course, since owning this kilt I've gained a bit of that weight back, but instead of losing a piece of my wardrobe I (somewhat guiltily) snap my kilt together a little farther down the row than where I started.

Thank you Stumptown! Not only are you competitively priced, but your product has exactly what is needed to make this a garment with serious longevity!
Bought 3 kilts a couple of weeks ago. By far the most comfortable piece of clothing I've ever owned. Johnny and Todd are two genuine and down to Earth guys that appreciate the finer things in life.....like PBR! Will be back for more off both
Randy Schneidee, Army EOD
I love my Kilt. one of the greatest items in my wardrobe!
Must get another!
Stoked to be the proud owner of a Stumptown kilt! Comfortable on stage and off. I play accordion in a celtic rock band and get one hell-of-a workout. I put my kilts to the test! I am impressed and enjoying the utility of this kilt. Worth every penny. Well done! Thanks Tim!
Keith Jukes - Blackeyed Dempseys - accordionist
Keith Jukes, BlackEyed Dempseys
I love my Stumptown kilts. They gave me a freedom I have never felt before. The first night I wore one, I was walking across the Burnside bridge a sailboat was coming up river, a lone man and his dog I smiled. A breeze was blowing lifting my kilt slightly it was a warm summer eve. As I crossed the bridge I looked as a train approached and noticed a man walking beside the train, he hopped it. As I passed someone on the bridge I pointed it out and said "I feel alive right now." Stumptown Kilts are a sense of freedom w/ durability, style and personally there is no comparison. I dig it. Now, live damn it. Here's to y'all STK and I'll keep adding to my collection.
Jason "Bongo" Mayberry, Massage
I got my STK for my wedding. I specifically wanted something without the bulky pockets included in models from other companies, nor with a logo anywhere on it. I was more than pleased with the results. I wear it several times a week now. Very comfortable and durable.

J. Maxwell
I had heard about StumpTown Kilts from a friend or two but did not really believe what I had heard. But when I was first introduced to StumpTown Kilts at Kinkfest this last march I knew I had to have one. I got one at Seadog Nights this year and knew that I needed another. My StumpTown Kilt is the most comfortable and versatile garment I have ever owned. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer; it is great for all occasions. The removable pockets are perfect if I need to carry more or less. I wear it at least three times a week. I could go on and on about the many things I love about my StumpTown Kilt. In conclusion; I can't wait to buy another... Or maybe a few more.
Kevin "Stumpy" Larsen, Enclave Mercenary Company
Since buying my kilt at seadog nights in July of this year, I have written it daily. It is, without a doubt, the single most comfortable piece of clothing I own. It was cool enough to handle the heat of the summer, but warm enough that I'm still wearing it now as winter closes in. The detachable pockets are incredible and have storage space to spare. It is also amazingly durable, I work in a hardware store and I'm rough on clothes, but my kilt stands up to everything I can dish out. If I had the money I would buy another in a heartbeat, just so I could switch between them whenever I wanted.

Thanks Stumptown for making a truly incredible product.
Louis Krayer
Absolutely loving my Grey Stumptown Kilt - my 1st kilt was a Gordon Dress Wool Kilt which is great for more serious dress up types of occasions but for banging around and riding my bike it's just a little bit too much and has a tendency to be really itchy.

So I decided after seeing friends wearing modern kilts by Stumptown Kilts & Utilikilts I just had to get one for regular wear and considering that Stumptown Kilts was local and all of the people I knew that had them absolutely LOVE them I just had to get one.

FInally I had my excuse - I was getting a photography session done with my Good Friend Fritz Liedtke and having that Modern Kilt became a MUST HAVE so a week before I contacted the Stumptown Kilts office and set up a fitting but at the time I was hoping for the Black Kilt with Brass Grommets and sadly they were out but after trying on the Grey Kilt I started the process of falling in love with the Grey and now I am so glad I ended up with the Grey rather than the black and try to wear it at least once every couple weeks.

One thing I am really looking forward to once the weather gets a little warmer is to go on my first Stumptown Kilts Bike Ride.

Thanks Guys I LOVE My Kilt!
Scott Batchelar, PDX Food Cart Lovers
I have always wanted a kilt but, I did not want to settle for just any plain old one. I found out through my friend Happy about a new kilt company that was local. Being that I like to buy local when I can I opted for a Stumptown, being I wanted to put money back into the local economy. I arrived at the STK grand opening party with getting my new kilt in mind. I was saddened when I tried on the smallest kilt that was there and it didn't fit. Happy and Timmy were very helpful, they saw the look on my face and the black kilt in hand. They asked me for the kilt went into a room and added another snap so I could still wear my new STK. I have had my kilt since the day STK opened. I have never had a article of clothing that is as durable as my STK kilt. I can wear it for many different occasions and still look great. I wear my atleast once a week and get nothing but compliments, everytime someone ask me where I got my kilt, I tell them go to stumptownkilts.com There is just some kind of freedom in owning and wearing a great quality durable kilt.
Thank you guys, Gary
I have been wearing kilts for a few years now, both purchased and home-made. I really enjoy the feeling of freedom that I get when wearing a kilt. In March 0f 2011 I wanted to get a new everyday kilt and I ran into the guys from Stumptown at the St. Patricks day party at Kells in Portland. I tried on one of their kilts and my wife told me to buy it and wear it the rest of the day. Since then, I have worn it alot and have pretty much retired the rest of my kilts(except my clan Lamont tartan kilt).

Thanks for making a great kilt at a reasonable price. I will be bringing my Daughter in for a womens kilt soon.
Joshua Zaik
I had the great pleasure of meeting Tim & Jonny at the North American Celtic Tradeshow, where my mom, daughter & I first encounter your awesome kilts. We had seen a few other kilt vendors but were very impressed with STKs quality, versatility & COLORS!! My 16 yr. old daughter & I were able to try a kilt on & we both fell in love with them & had started planning what we would wear & how we would we wear them when we were able to order some to sell at our gift shop area in our restaurant. All three of us were looking forward to being able to wear the kilts as our new uniform at the cafe(we currently don't have a uniform as it usually is just the 3 of us working anyway). She tried on the hot pink mini kilt & I tried the regular women's burgendy kilt. We haven't been able to purchase the kilts that we have picked out, tough economy right now & lots of other expenses that need to get paid to keep the cafe going, but we are still hoping we will be able to purchase them soon. And all three of us know we we love our kilts & wear them dang near everyday once we are able to get them! So, my testamony is more a "pre-testamony", cuz I know we will ove our STKs and we look forward to the day we can wear them with pride!
Tracey ~ Mayville, Wisconsin
Tracey Campbell, Celtic Crossroads Cafe
I've always known my husband has good legs. He spends most of the year in shorts even though he may have three or more shirts on. I finally convinced my Norwegian to try on a kilt at the Highland Games in Enumclaw. I almost drooled! We purchased him a kilt and a couple of pockets. I can't get him to wear it as often as I'd like, but he does wear it. I'm making sure he wears it to the Celtic Thunder concert in Seattle in a couple of weeks. I'd love to have one of my own, just haven't gotten there yet!
Jennifer Molvik
It all started back in 2008 on an adventure to Seattle to find a kilt.I came across a cool kilt that to my surprise broke the family budget. I ended up purchasing a lower quality kilt. It was like my training kilt. After a year or so of free-flying kilt wearing under my belt I decided it was to take off the training kilt and find the kilt of my dreams. August 2011 rolled around and I began my search and fell upon Stumptown Kilts right in my backyard. It was the Kilt of my dreams. My search ended that night and I opened up discussions with Happy and he promptly got my Kilt sent to me. When it arrived I was amazed at it quality and weight of the fabric. Its cotton poly blend was heavy enough to stay down on some of those blustery days here in Salem. Its pleat design with rivets gave it a unique look. My Stumptown Kilt is worn every Friday at work. We have started Kilt Fridays. Couple of us can be caught walking to Starbucks sporting our kilts for our team meeting walk. We get honks and comments on our way there and back especially on the cold days.

Thank you Stumptown Kilts
for a uniquely designed kilt.

Live on Kilt Fridays
David Justin Bennett
While visiting Portland this past summer, we were able to visit the factory for a custom fitting. These kilts are very well crafted and designed. The multiple snaps on the waistband allows for adjustments so that it always fits perfectly. The pleats hold up quite well and the large front pocket is perfectly designed. I highly recommend you check out Stumptown Kilts
Lee Mitchell, Arlington VA
I bought my kilt from STK several months ago. I bought a black one with the antique rivets. I thought it would be great for swing dancing. I get complements every time I wear it, and several girls have asked me to follow because they like how it flairs out when I spin. Thanks for the great kilt.
Eric Moir
I picked up a black Stumptown Kilt on impulse at this past weekend's Long Beach Comic Con. Kinda always wanted one, but wasn't sure how or when to wear it. You guys were wonderfully friendly and helpful in making sure I found one that fit just right, with the right number of pockets and so on . . . Wore it out that night to a friend's birthday party at a (great, but not fancy) wine bar. Gotta tell you, it was a huge hit, not least with me: comfortable, stylish, and it felt great. I'm now looking for more opportunities to wear it - next will probably be this coming weekend to the Book of Mormon in L.A. Brilliant.
Luke H
I wore my Stumptown Kilt in the Portland Marathon. Not only was it so comfortable that I almost forgot I was wearing anything, but the breezy, airy, venting helped keep me moving.
Since the marathon, I still wear it on a regular basis. It's easy to put on, low maintenance, and goes with almost anything I would wear. Plus it's durable. Don't have to be delicate with it.
I'm proud to support and spread the word about our local Stumptown Kilts. These lads have done well and make a great product. May they find continued success!
skOt Cranmore, 67 Music

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