Overall Rating: 98.44%
Average Rating: 9.84/10
I purchased my dark brown Stumptown kilt during Gearcon in Portland, OR in the summer of 2011. I have several UKs. I have found the Stumptown to be an excellent alternative to the Standard UK and much preferable to the Mocker. The single large front pocket works quite well, although I think I may have to acquire a second external pocket.
I particularly like the around the waist snap system on the Stumptown as opposed to the Utilikilt. This allows for "adjustment", which the UK, alas, does not.
My only gripe is that the fabric does not seem to want to "break in" and soften up.
All in all a great kilt and a good investment! I plan on getting at least one more when finances allow!
Mike Brown
Entering into a market that is totally dominated by one brand is a risky proposition. You have to really have something not only new, but BETTER, than the entrenched 800 lb gorilla if you are going to succeed.

And StumpTown has that in spades! The pleating system is fantastic, the reinforcing rivets are strong and sturdy, the adjustable waistband is an innovation and it actually works really well, too.

I have worn mine to formal events, to Burning Man twice, and for innumerable less memorable occasions in between, and I always get positive comments from people on the fit and finish of the StumpTown kilt.

Now my girlfriend wants one, too!
Christian Jacobsen, Boomba Chicken
I love my women's mini kilt! I'm a bartender and I wear it to work all the time. I get tons of compliments in it and make damn good tips too!! Thanks guys! I can't wait to get another one.
Mara Mendes
Stumptown Kilts sport excellent craftsmanship and comfort. I purchased the 15 inch length women's kilt and I just love the versatility of the length. There are plenty of snaps so I can wear it low or high for a more sassy lassy look. I love the pleats and the additional detachable pockets for my lipstick and whatnot's for going out on the town. I don't have to bother with a purse if I do not want to. This skirt is a great permanent addition to my wardrobe. I am definitely going to get a mini in the near future. There is a nice range of color selection, it is just so hard to decide on what color. I guess I will have to get more than two Stumptown Kilts to wear!! Thanks guys. I am looking forward to seeing you again!! Also, ordering over the phone was very satisfying. I ordered my kilt and had it in the mail pretty much within 2 days. It was so fast it seemed like over night. I was very impressed with the service!!
Elizabeth Walker
I've had several other kilts over the last several years. I have to say that StumpTown Kilts are far more comfortable and far more affordable than their competitors. The ability to adjust the size up or down is an excellent feature as well as choosing pockets or no pockets. You can't go wrong with a StumpTown Kilt!
Mark Klingler
It was a black wet vacant night in the heart of the wild west.

Leaving abruptly I looked for a place to sleep it off... The rain assaulted my senses as I blindly stumbled from the Inn where for hours I had obssessed on my lack of freedom and the fear of my future.

The next morning seemed like a dream as I woke up in the mud and heard the sound of playful people in the field next to me. I made my way towards the sound. A curious sight, I starred for awhile at the edge, they were building some type of dome. A fair haired girl in some sort of black skirt took notice and came to me asking If I needed some dry clothes. She handed me my first kilt. Black, pleated and longer than her's I was invited to help build that dome. It was exhilerating. I was able to climb like and laugh like a monkey. I was gifted freedom. It was such a new experience, it changed my outlook forever and that night I was reborn around a fire of 20 other monkeys.

I'll never forget that weekend and I wore that kilt often to remind me. I even wore it to an important advertising pitch for a Scottish beer account. The power of the kilt heightened my reach, cresting my attitude. I became the highland warrior. We won the account.

Thanks Stumpotwn Kilts for changing my perspective...

[that fair haired lass now shares my days and nights]

... and my life.
daflew, daflew
I LOVE my STK, I've owned mine for over three years and it still looks like new. I wear my kilt to work every weekend, and am ALWAYS getting compliments on it. Its one of my MOST COMFORTABLE pieces of clothing.
David Hill, Hobnob grille, corner of 34th and Morrison
Ever since I bought my Stumptown kilt I found a new sense of freedom, style, and attitude. Thank you Stumptown!
Mathias Mingus
I really love my Kilt and get compliments from the ladies when I wear it. I have it over a year and it still looks great. Great quality and craftsmanship.
I freaking love my mini kilt! It fits so comfortably and the pockets are very handy when I don't feel like carrying my purse. I also love that it is adjustable and can be thrown in the washer! And the guys at stumptown kilts are awesome :D
so many where to start. the slimness of ur kilts are great. adjustable pockets for any occasion. built tough. all the complements i get with it on..
I love my women's mini kilts! ( I have 2 of them) I am not a purse kind of girl and especially when I go out dancing or to festivals I want my hands free and so I LOVE the pockets on these ...I can carry everything I need with me with out carrying a bag. Not to mention that I get so many compliments every time I wear one and feel pretty sexy in them as well.
Cinthia, NLP Re-Patterning San Francisco

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